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Members Shortcodes

You can show the members with Porto Members, Porto Recent Members shortcodes.

[porto_recent_members items_desktop=”3″ title=”Recent Members”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ view=”onimage” number=”3″ title=”Members”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ view=”outimage” number=”3″ title=”Type 2″]

[porto_members columns=”3″ view=”onimage” overview=”” number=”3″ title=”Hide Overview”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ view=”onimage” socials=”” number=”3″ title=”Hide Socials”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ view=”onimage” overview=”” socials=”” number=”3″ title=”Hide Overview & Socials”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ number=”6″ filter=”yes” title=”Show Filter”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ number=”3″ pagination=”yes” title=”Show Pagination”]

[porto_members columns=”3″ number=”3″ view_more=”yes” title=”Show Archive Link”]

[porto_members style=”advanced” number=”3″ title=”Advanced Style”]